What is Fuelics?

Fuelics is an online service designed for car enthusiasts to create their own marketplace where they can interact, buy/sell/swap all things car related and post jobs on. Created by an enthusiast for enthusiasts. Simply create an account to join the Fuelics community today!

What are the benefits of using Fuelics?

  • It’s focused on all things car related. 
  • You’re part of a niche community with like minded users.
  • Cars, Parts, Tools, Equipment + Jobs are all on the one site, so you can spend less time searching different websites and spend more time wrenching and being on the road.
  • You only pay on a “as you need” basis.
  • Made by an enthusiast who understands the industry and the passion for cars.

How does Fuelics work?

If Buying: Simply login or create an account to access all of the site’s features. Then find what you’re looking for and message the seller to discuss purchasing.

If Selling: Simply login or create an account and purchase the ad type you’re looking to post. Then enter in as many details as possible on the ad, post it to the site and wait for a buyer to message you.

How can I get the best possible chance in making a sale?

  • Provide as many details as possible in the ad.
  • Be completely honest about what you’re posting. 
  • Take clear, concise photos of the item(s) and any damage (if any).
  • Have a good user rating.

Not sure on what category to list your Car Parts Ad?

As a first time user and seeing how many categories there are, we understand that it may be overwhelming so to help you, we’ll break it down and simplify it for you:

  • Once you’ve filled in your information and got to the “Select A Category To Place This Ad In*” drop down box, click on it. This will make all category options visible to you. You can either scroll through the list or key in a category then select an option you feel suits your ad. 

In the picture below you will see multiple options for the category “Body”. For example, if you are selling a “Bonnet” then you would select the option “Body – Bonnets” but if you were selling a “Body” part that isn’t listed then you would select the top option “Body” which is highlighted. 

If you’re still unsure please feel free to Contact Us.

Are my payment details safe and secure?

Yes, your payment details are safe and secure as they are handled by Stripe and Paypal.

Keeping safe on Fuelics

We want all interactions on Fuelics to be successful and trouble free so to help emphasise the importance of this, we recommend you follow the points below:

  • If you’re meeting up with someone, make sure you do it in a busy public place if possible and take a mate or family member with you. 
  • If a buyer/seller is meeting you at your home or workplace, arrange to have someone with you. Always allow the buyer to inspect the item before agreeing to a sale. 
  • Please use common sense!
  • If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

For example: A stock clean Nissan 180sx is selling for $5,000.   

  • Fuelics does not send out texts so please don’t click on any links that get sent to you as it could be a phishing attempt. Fuelics will only send emails, so if you receive an email from someone that does not have  “@fuelics.com.au” in it please ignore it and don’t click any links.  
  • If you feel that you’ve been the victim of fraud please feel free to Contact Us and send through as much information as you can. We will try to assist as much as possible, but we do recommend you contact local authorities as this is a legal matter/crime.

I've forgotten the password to my account, how can I reset it?

Please send a message to us with the username and email you used to sign up via the Contact Us page or send an email to contact@fuelics.com.au

How do I delete my ad?

To delete your ad please go to the My Ads page then find the ad you would like to delete. Hover your mouse over the ad picture and click the trash icon then follow the instructions to delete your ad.

My ad takes a while to post/upload and sometimes the page times out?

Here’s a few things we suggest to help avoid this from happening:

  • Check to make sure your internet browser and device software are up to date.
  • You have a good internet connection.
  • If you’re uploading large image file sizes that are bigger than 2mb we recommend you use tinypng.com to reduce the file size with little to no image quality change.

Note: To give you the best experience and full functionality of the Fuelics website we recommend you use a computer.

I can't see my car make or car model in the drop down list when posting a car ad?

Car Make: If you can’t see your car make please select the option Other Make at the bottom of the list. A new text box will appear next to it (highlighted below) and you can enter in your make via text.



Car Model: If you can’t see your car model please select the option Not Listed? at the bottom of the list. A new text box will appear (highlighted below) and you can enter in your model via text.

I can't see my car make or car model in the drop down list when posting a car parts ad?

Note: The option More than 1 can also be used to enter in multiple car makes and models.

Car Make: If you can’t see your car make please select the option More than 1 at the bottom of the list. A new text box will appear next to it (highlighted below) and you can enter in your make via text.

Car Model: If you can’t see your car model please select the option More than 1 at the bottom of the list. A new text box will appear next to it (highlighted below) and you can enter in your model via text.

On the checkout page when paying with Paypal, the popup window is charging me less than the Fuelics checkout price?

We apologise for any confusion this might create. To clarify, the amount you will be charged will always show on the Fuelics checkout page (Image 1) and not on the Paypal popup window (Image 2). In the example below you would be charged $1.33 and not $1.00.

Image 1
Image 2

If I have an issue with a user, who can I contact?

You can contact Fuelics via email at contact@fuelics.com.au or by visiting the Contact page and filling out the form.

What if I see something that looks wrong or broken on the site?

Please Contact Us with as much information as possible so we can rectify it as soon as possible. We apologise for any issues, we are still in the early stages of this project.

Glossary of terms

  • ABS = Anti-Lock Brake System
  • AC = Air Conditioning
  • AWD = All Wheel Drive 
  • Bolt-On = Can be bolted on to the car without any modification.
  • Condition =
    • Brand New: Part is brand new, not been used before and undamaged.
    • Very Good: Part looks like new with no signs of wear/defects but has been used before.
    • Good: Part has had some use and shows some signs of wear and tear but is in working order.
    • Worn: Part shows lots of wear and tear, it may still be in working order but will need to be refurbished at some stage.
    • Scrap: Part is no longer in working order and should be considered rubbish or used for parts only.
  • DPF = Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Dual Fuel = Cars that can run on both LPG and Petrol fuel. They also have 2 separate fuel tanks to store both LPG and Petrol fuel. 
  • EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation
  • Engine Configuration terms =
    • F means Flat (eg: F4 = Flat 4)
    • I means Inline (eg: I6 = Inline 6)
    • means V Configured (eg: V6 = V Configured 6)
    • W means W Configured (eg: W16 = W Configured 16)
  • Flex Fuel = The car has been tuned and can run on both E85 and pump fuel. 
  • FWD = Front Wheel Drive 
  • Kms = Kilometers
  • KW = Kilowatts 
  • LHD = Left Hand Drive
  • LPG = Liquefied Petroleum Gas 
  • NM = Newton Metres
  • Offroad Tyre = Tyres that use a special deep tread pattern to provide more grip on unpaved surfaces such as dirt and mud.
  • PCV = Positive Crankcase Ventilation
  • Tyre Profile: Is the width of the tyre sidewall as a percentage of the tyre’s width. (eg: 225/45R17)
  • Project Car = Usually a car that needs a bit of work done to it so that it can be driven.
  • RHD = Right Hand Drive
  • Rim Size = Is the distance (in inches) between the two bead seat areas where the tyre seals onto the rim. (on a tyre it is represented as 225/45R17)
  • RWD = Rear Wheel Drive
  • Semi-slick Tyre = Tyres that are like slick tyres but have some grooving to help avoid aquaplaning in the wet.
  • Slick Tyre = Tyres that have no grooves and have a smooth surface for maximum grip, they are mainly used for racing purposes only.
  • Square Set = When the Rims/Tyres/Wheels have no size difference between the front and rear axles. They are the same on all four corners.
  • Staggered Set = When the Rims/Tyres/Wheels on the front axle are a different size compared to the rear axle.
  • Tyre Width = The width of the tyre from the outer sidewall to the inner sidewall in millimetres. (eg: 225/45R17)
  • 4WD = Four Wheel Drive

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, please get in touch with Fuelics via email at contact@fuelics.com.au or by visiting the Contact page and filling out the form.