Hey there and welcome to Fuelics! My name is Hamish and I’m the proud Founder and CEO of Fuelics.

The concept for an online marketplace like Fuelics was born out of my lifelong passion for cars and industry experience. I’ve owned several cars and worked on lots of cars ranging from Passenger Cars to Super Cars. Giving me a broad and extensive knowledge of both the auto industry and mechanics.  

Before I started Fuelics, I was a qualified mechanic with a large European dealership. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge over the years so when Fuelics came to mind, I decided to apply all my knowledge of cars and address the challenges enthusiasts have in the website. Fuelics offers an extensive range of products and services posted by our users all in one place on a flexible pay-as-you-need basis.

My first project car was a BMW E36 and it taught me a lot of things. It involved sourcing a suitable donor car, stripping it down, rebuilding the engine etc then swapping it into my car. Throughout the process, I realised that enthusiasts like myself don’t have a dedicated site that has everything you look for when building a project car or anything car related.

So whether its a new/used/project/race car, car parts, tools, equipment or a job you would like to post, you can find and do all that here in one trusted place for enthusiasts. Created by an enthusiast for enthusiasts. 

Photo by Nicholas C.